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It’s your money, why leave it on the table?

We can’t let you overpay in taxes again

OverpayAs painful as the subject of taxes can be, a more painstaking realization is that many taxpayers are handing the IRS extra money each year. So, they’ll call you any minute to let you know when to expect your reimbursement. Just kidding. Kiss those funds goodbye.

Missed deductions, credits that could have been claimed, errors that results in overstated income or understated write-offs… The fact is, overpaying in taxes is more common than you think. Nearly 2 million Americans shelled out more money than necessary in years past.

Please note, if you make an error that results in underpayment, the IRS will automatically contact you. Those who overpaid aren’t so lucky.

Make sure you’re set up for success in 2018. Do a self-analysis.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you self-prepare your return through an online software?
  • Did you rely on a big box retailer staffed with inexperienced employees who could have missed something?
  • Did your tax position change from 2016 to 2017?

Yes? You are likely part of the extra $1.2 billion the IRS kept last year.

Act quickly. Taxpayers must file a claim for a credit or refund 3 years from the date they filed their return or 2 years from the date they paid the tax (whichever is later).

More importantly, if you left money on the table or think you may have, you need a professional to review the nitty gritty details. Tax forms and withholdings are just the beginning. Our team of licensed accountants and tax professionals works diligently to find every opportunity to maximize your return–often recouping 2x the cost to have the analysis done.

It’s easy. Get started here.

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