Tax Resolution

Buried in unpaid tax debt? There is hope.

When dealing with the IRS, NextGen Tax Services advocates for clients to turn the tide in your favor.  We are uniquely qualified to resolve your tax matters, because our team has worked on countless cases and consistently delivered excellent results.  Our leading tax resolution consultant was formerly an IRS auditor for many years.  There is no one better to advocate for you than someone who already knows the tactics used by the IRS.  We use that knowledge to resolve your case and deliver a 90% success rate to our clients.

If you are receiving threatening letters from the IRS and fear that you will never resolve your tax issues we are here to help! If you are worried that they may empty your bank accounts, retirement accounts or garnish your wages, it is time to eliminate that fear.  If you feel overwhelmed because your tax balance is so large that you may never be able to pay it off, we have a solution.  If you were bullied into a payment arrangement that you simply cannot afford, we are here to help.   All of these issues have one thing in common…they stop now.

We provide affordable tax resolution services for clients who have found themselves behind on tax returns or drowning in unpaid debt. Even more frustrated are those suffering from liens on their credit report, levies on bank accounts and garnished wages.

Without judgement, we can put an end to harassment, assist with tax liens and put your credit, and your life, back on track for success.

Our experienced team has saved clients thousands of dollars—with low cost settlements to the IRS of just pennies on the dollar.

Initial consultations are free and initial work can be completed over the phone or online. Complete resolution can be completed in as little as 90 days, and for many clients, it results in no payments required to the IRS. Most importantly, NextGen puts you back in control of your life and finances.

You deserve to put your unpaid tax debt behind you. Get started today.

Consequences of Unpaid Taxes
The IRS can seize your assets—garnishing wages, freezing bank accounts or taking ownership of your cars.
The IRS Appears When it's Least Convenient
Trying to sell your home or apply for a loan? Liens on your home also appear on your credit report, affecting your ability to move forward.
Who Can Help
Legally, only CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents can help you overcome this hurdle—and we have all three and a former IRS agent. Our team works together to balance the perfect tax, legal and accounting strategies.  You want the highest level of expertise when dealing with the IRS.  We have exactly that.
What Can You Expect
All cases and clients are different. Average resolution is typically completed in 90 days and our costs can be paid out over time. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss a solution that works for you.
More Options with NextGen
No matter what you owe, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can negotiate with the IRS to put you in the best possible position.
End Threatening Letters
Just call it a “trick of the trade.” We can put a stop to these immediately.

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