Tax Preparation

An innovative solution and new approach to taxes, NextGen Tax Services provides a personalized experience to meet your needs.

NextGen has designed a 100% web-based income tax preparation service to make taxes less daunting. Different from traditional tax preparers and accountants, this customized digital experience brings tax preparation into the 21st century. Our cutting-edge model keeps the client at the forefront while maintaining professional standards and offering fair rates. With fees as little as $200, there are no up front costs to the customer* and all returns are prepared under the watchful eye of a certified public accountant (CPA), a licensed accounting professional experienced in U.S. tax law.

Personal Income Tax Preparation
With no up-front costs*, NextGen completes simple and complex tax returns in less than a week. Married or single? Renting or own your own home? Rely on NextGen’s team to identify the right deductions for your situation.
Easy to Use
Simply scan or snap pictures of your W-2 and other tax documents from your phone or tablet and upload them to your personal account on our secure client portal. We’ll use your images to prepare your return and provide the password protected file to you within about three days. Following your review, you’ll provide a digitally encrypted e-signature on the tax return and we take care of the rest. It’s just that simple!
Maximize Your Refund
NextGen’s licensed team of CPAs and tax professionals have your best interest in mind, ensuring that you’ve optimized your return and money isn’t left on the table.
Convenient, Time-Saving Perks
When tax time rolls around, do you find yourself digging for documents and receipts you received throughout the year? Where on earth did you put that receipt from your donation to Goodwill, or when you renewed your car tags? Now you can just snap a picture of your documents anytime during the year, upload them to your account on the client portal, and they’ll be there waiting for you (and us) at tax time.
Support You Can Count On
Support from NextGen is available via web, phone or text. A new, user-friendly concept, NextGen’s online income tax service leaves clients with more time on their hands to do things they actually enjoy.
Steer Clear of Software
Simply put, tax software cannot replace the qualified analytical thinking necessary to navigate the U.S. tax code. Teachers, did you know there are two different places that you can record the purchase of school supplies? TurboTax has you list it in the least optimal place, leaving you with less.

Gone are the days with stacks of paperwork and hours of e-filing. Now, your tax professional is available wherever there’s Wi-Fi.

*Clients may authorize NextGen Tax to deduct tax preparation fees from their refund, resulting in no out-of-pocket costs. Fees begin at $200.

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